Welcome to SA Women Fight Back

This space is dedicated to all our silent sisters as they start their unique journey from victim to warrior. Here we protest, lobby government and keep perpetrators behind bars with no bail petitions, SA Women Fight Back is here to make SA safe for all women and children. If you are currently in need of help with that very first step, well done for getting this far, the next step is a small one, click here, you will not be pushed into doing anything you are not ready for.

The power to end the scourge of Gender Based Violence lies within us all. The SA Women Fight Back family with our 240 000 Facebook followers believe that with community networking and the right platforms we call all access our inner warriors.  We have therefore designed a unique  VAULT , a safety deposit box with Fight Back Potential. Combined with the communicator and emergency response tool, MiVoice, SA Women Fight Back are hoping to offer our Warrior members safety in numbers and additional protection options.

We are determined to create partnerships, empowerment forums, healing spaces and solutions for our members to access the right help when needed, whilst at the same time holding government accountable. Together we are  definitely stronger.
SA Women Fight Back are not able to continue our work without members who believe in our cause and share our vision. We thank you for standing beside us.  There is no such thing as too small a contribution, it all counts. From the will to assist, to every action you take your contribution counts. Sign a petition, buy a raffle ticket, become a member or a volunteerA better future for SA starts with simply taking the first step.

Meet our Board and catch a glimpse of the possibilities we imagine..

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” 

Arundhati Roy