What is SA Women Fight Back

SA Women Fight Back is a national community of united women networking to bring about change and improvement for all women and gender based violence in South Africa. Our group has been a safe haven for women to share their stories and to unite in the fight against Gender Based Violence in South Africa .

How you can help?

By subscribing as a Champion Warrior, your monthly donations will help SA Women Fight Back to achieve their mission statement and help other women in need that has been effected by gender based violence. 

What comes with your donation?

We value your donations and with it we have partnered with various sponsors like Infussion financial services and the MiVoice app to bring value to your donation and to make sure that you as an individual have the tools to protect yourself and the people you value.

Vault access to YOUR unique safety deposit box with Fight Back Potential

The vault is a safe digital space where you can save any documents that could assist in the arrest or prosecution of some one who might have abused or threatened you.  

In case something happens to you,
SA Women Fight Back can gain access to your vault when you cannot, through a court order.  All information in the vault is NOT linked to your mobile device in any way.  

Read more about the Vault

Access to the MiVoice emergency function, SAWFB news and events.  Direct access to SAWFB administrators through MiVoice

The MiVoice app is available on both Android and IOS. It's purpose is to assist you in emergencies by allowing other volunteers to help, as well as notifying 5 people you choose.

In an emergency, it's as easy as just hitting one button and your location will be shared to your family or friends as well as other people that are willing to help!

Read more about the MiVoice app

Additional benefits

  • R20 000 Accidental Death Benefit.
  • R10 000 Emergency ward treatment: Accidental
  • HIV and Trauma counselling
  • Emergency Evacuation to closest medical facility
  • Telephonic Trauma counselling helpline
  • Telephonic Legal Advice helpline
  • Food Discount Vouchers

Insurance products are Administered by Infussion Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, FSP35953 and Underwritten by African Unity Life (Ltd) FSP 8447

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