Original list compiled by Cindy September, SA Women Fight Back, updated by Nicolette van der Walt, ACVV Head Office and continues to be updated by Shazz (Shanaaz Sulaiman), SA Women Fight Back)


Let’s stand together to stop the cycle of violence in South Africa and shatter the silence that shatters lives. We are all created equal. Speak out. Report abuse. Be visible. Be loud. Be safe. Every day of the year. #365DaysOfActivism #365DaysOfCompassion


        Let’s do it for all of them whose names we’ve maybe read in passing or may don’t know about. The unnamed ones who didn’t make it to the news [Please add the names of women and children not on the list in the comment section below].


        Let’s do it for the children whose abusers and rapists are protected by the people who are supposed to protect them.


        Let’s do it Let’s do it for the young girls, boys and women subjected to the horrors of trafficking and sexual slavery.


        Let’s do it for the elderly victims, for the many, many citizens who lose their lives in farm attacks and gang wars.


        Let’s do it for the unnamed women and men who are abused and murdered by their partners, by the very people who promised to love and honour them.


       Let’s do it for our children, mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, friends, families.


The list is by no means complete and is updated regularly as the news come in or names are forwarded to us.


1.        Let’s do it for Abenise Bowes

2.        Let’s do it for Agnes Mzisa

3.        Let’s do it for Agnes Ndlovu (Dlamini)

4.        Let’s do it for Akhona Gumede, 25, sister to the 16 year old, found in a sugarcane field in KZN - 2020

5.        Let’s do it for Akhona Mncube (19)  killed by the father of her child on 20 July 2020

6.        Let’s do it for Alexa Viljoen

7.        Let’s do it for Alexia Nyamadzawo (7) murdered by mother V 31 May 2020

8.        Let’s do it for Alice Lotter

9.        Let’s do it for Alicia Nyamanzawo

10.        Let’s do it for Alime Mbasha (16 months) V

11.        Let’s do it for Allishandre “Shandre” Floors (16) V

12.        Let’s do it for Alice Maree (21) raped and murdered by parolee in Bloemfontein

13.        Let’s do it for Allison Plaatjies (26)  stabbed and killed in June 2020

14.        Let’s do it for Althea Spires

15.        Let’s do it for Althena Malgas

16.        Let’s do it for Altecia Kortjie murdered by partner – 9 June 2020 and her daughter

17.        Let’s do it for Altecia’s daughter, Raynecia Kortjie (7), murdered by dad/mother’s partner V

18.        Let’s do it for Alyssa Botha

19.        Let’s do it for Amahle Quku from Philippi (17) V raped and murdered, body found 20 June 2020

20.        Let’s do it for Amanda Mila raped and murdered, KZN (7) V

21.        Let’s do it for Amanda Mngonyama, Amy – stabbed 18 times by her ex partner in 2016

22.        Let’s do it for Amanda Mthembu  (11)  V

23.        Let’s do it for Amelia Jansen

24.        Let’s do it for Amila Kawa, Eastern Cape (10) V

25.        Let’s do it for Amber Strydom

26.        Let’s do it for Amina Abrahams

27.        Let’s do it for Amy Biel

28.        Let’s do it for Andiswa Zweni

29.        Let’s do it for Andrea Venter

30.        Let’s do it for Aneeqah Fakier

31.        Let’s do it for Anelisa Dulaze

32.        Let’s do it for Anene Booysen V

33.        Let’s do it for Angela Marinus

34.        Let’s do it for Angelique Clark-Abrahams

35.        Let’s do it for Angelique Harmse

36.        Let’s do it for Angelique Vanessa Pattenden

37.        Let’s do it for Anika Smit

38.        Let’s do it for Annisi Meyer murdered for R150 in Asla Park, Mossel Bay (18) V

39.        Let’s do it for Anisha van Niekerk raped and killed in Dec 2017 along with her partner Joey

40.        Let’s do it for Anna Francina Kruger

41.        Let’s do it for Anna Herbst (66)  Killed by 3 home invaders when they set her house alight in July 2019

42.        Let’s do it for Anna vd Merwe

43.        Let’s dod it for Annatjie du Preez

44.        Let’s do it for Annatjie Myburgh

45.        Let’s do it for Annchen Ferreira

46.        Let’s do it for Anne Ferreira, 83, found strangled and murdered in Summerstrand in May 2018

47.        Let’s do it for Anne Marie Aylward

48.        Let’s do it for Anne Fouche

49.        Let’s do it for Anne Roebert

50.        Let’s do it for Anne Smith, 86, who was murdered in May 2018 in Kamma Park

51.        Let’s do it for Annerie Grobler

52.        Let’s do it for Annette Kennealy

53.        Let’s do it for Anni Dewani (28) On honeymoon in CPT, abducted and killed, orchestrated by new groom in 2011

54.        Let’s do it for Ann-Mari Wapenaar

55.        Let’s do it for Ansie Steyn

56.        Let’s do it for Anthea Thopps

57.        Let’s do it for Antoinette Botha

58.        Let’s do it for Ansia Kheha (3) who’s lifeless body was found stuffed in a plastic bin by a person collecting plastic in a field in
              Orange Farm – June 2020 V

59.        Let’s do it for Anzunette du Plessis

60.        Let’s do it for 3-year-old Arin Esterhuizen, gunned down together with her father (15 June 2020) V

61.        Let’s do it for Arina Muller

62.        Let’s do it for Arvitha Doodnath (30)  appeared to be an attempted hijacking, found dead in car 12 Oct 2019

63.        Let’s do it Asanda Siyoko (30) shot while on duty as a police constable in Nyanga

64.        Let’s do it for Ashika Singh

65.        Let’s do it for Asalinto Lumkwana (26) stabbed to death by boyfriend 5 September 2020

66.        Let’s do it for Asithandile “Kwasa Zozo” Lugalo 19, first year Wits student, stabbed to death by boyfriend , 17 Aug 2020

67.        Let’s do it for Aviwe JamJam

68.        Let’s do it for Aviwe Wellem

69.        Let’s do it for Ayakha Jiyane  V  1 day old baby dumped in the river

70.        Let’s do it for Ayesha Kelly (10) V

71.        Let’s do it for Babongile Nzama

72.        Let’s do it for Baby C V

73.        Let’s do it for Baby Daniel V

74.        Let’s do it for Baby Jordan Leigh Norton V

75.        Let’s do it for Baby Lagelighle V

76.        Let’s do it for Babay Lumka Makasi V

77.        Let’s do it for Bandile Skosana (4), stabbed 18 times and crushed with a boulder V

78.        Let’s do it for Bathabile Phohlo (40) stabbed and burnt to death by unknown person she was supposed to meet at a garage on William Nicol Drive – Oct 2020

79.        Let’s do it for Bawinile Khoza (9) raped and murdered in Dec 2017 V

80.        Let’s do it for Beauty Siamisang  (56)  strangled with rope – found 20 July 2020

81.        Let’s do it for Belinda Erika Werner

82.        Let’s do it for Belle Edwards

83.        Let’s do it for Beryl Lamberth

84.        Let’s do it for Beryl Morgan

85.        Let’s do it for Beth Tomlinson

86.        Let’s do it for Bianca Gosh

87.        Let’s do it for Bianca Lino McGowan

88.        Let’s do it for Bianca Matroos

89.        Let’s do it for Bianca Parsons (33) shot and killed by assailants in February 2018 in presence of daughter

90.        Let’s do it for Boipelo Sesele (9) went missing 1 Sep, body found in neighbour’s wardrobe 13 Sep 2020

91.        Let’s do it for Bokamosa Blessing Mpembe – 20 month old V kidnapped and killed by mother‘s ex-boyfriend 30 Aug 2020

92.        Let’s do it for Bongeka Mgqobozi (27)

93.        Let’s do it for Bongeka Phungula

94.        Let’s do it for Bongekile Ntenza

95.        Let’s do it for Bongekile’s child, Fekeza V

96.        Let’s do it for Bongekile’s child, Thabiso V

97.        Let’s do it for Bongekile’s child, Kwezi V

98.        Let’s do it for Bongiswa Majikijela

99.        Let’s do it for Bonolo Selaolo’s unborn baby who died when she was stabbed by her boyfriend 7 Jun 20

100.        Let’s do it for Botshelo Motsomi (26) of Hartswater murdered 13 June 2020

101.        Let’s do it for Brenda Fairhead

102.        Let’s do it for Brenda Johannes

103.        Let’s do it for Brenda Rwando

104.        Let’s do it for Bridgenay Slingers  18 year old murdered by her ex boyfirend

105.        Let’s do it for Bridgitte Campbell Ellis

106.        Let’s do it for Bukeka Sigungqa

107.        Let’s do it for Busisiwe Busi Ngwadla

108.        Let’s do it for Cameron Britz

109.        Let’s do it for Candice Bartman

110.        Let’s do it for Cara Austen Jenkins

111.        Let’s do it for Carly Isaacs stabbed to death in Westridge, Mitchells Plain (17) 15 March 2020 V

112.        Let’s do it for Carmelitta Baatjies

113.        Let’s do it for Carol Fabriek

114.        Let’s do it for Carol Pienaar, raped and murdered, no further details available but case closed

115.        Let’s do it for Caroline Chennai Mubvakure (39) multiple stab wounds and slit throat by unknown home intruders in front of
                her 4 year old son, 5 Sep 2020

116.        Let’s do it for Caroline Jacobs

117.        Let’s do it for Carolyn Frara

118.        Let’s do it for Catherine (Cathy) Irving

119.        Let’s do it for Catherine Krog

120.        Let’s do it for Cathy van Coppenhagen

121.        Let’s do it for Cathy Purdon

122.        Let’s do it for Caylinn Links (25) stabbed to death in Lutzville

123.        Let’s do it for Cecile Potgieter

124.        Let’s do it for Cecile Smit

125.        Let’s do it for Celeste Smith

126.        Let’s do it for Celine Cowley

127.        Let’s do it for Ceri Duvenhage McCrae

128.        Let’s do it for Chanel du Toit

129.        Let’s do it for Chanelle Henning

130.        Let’s do it for Chantelle Barnard (20) raped and murdered on 1 April 2011

131.        Let’s do it for Chantelle Borcher (Leendertz)

132.        Let’s do it for Chantelle Matthysen

133.        Let’s do it for Chantal Dean

134.        Let’s do it for Chantal Makwena (5), V raped and beaten to death with a rock – 3 August 2019

135.        Let’s do it for Chantal Kershaw (44) strangled to death on her farm on 30 Sep 2020

136.        Let’s do it for Charmaine Cannings

137.        Let’s do it for Charmaine Conradie

138.        Let’s do it for Charmaine Mare

139.        Let’s do it for Charmaine Piers

140.        Let’s do it for Claudine Rampersad (32) killed in a drive-by shooting

141.        Let’s do it for Christelle Smith

142.        Let’s do it for Christel Steenkamp

143.        Let’s do it for Cicillia Fumi Tshabalala, shot 8 times in November 2019

144.        Let’s do it for Clare Kalkwar

145.        Let’s do it for Clarissa Lindoor (27) beaten to death by boyfriend

146.        Let’s do it for Cleo Pillay found dead after she was missing

147.        Let’s do it for Colleen Nesbit (Swart)

148.        Let’s do it for Codine Nuys (22) van Jonkersber

149.        Let’s do it for Courtney Pieters

150.        Let’s do it for Crystal Kesten (Welcome)

151.        Let’s do it for Cytheria Rex

152.        Let’s do it for Danel Rooskrans

153.        Let’s do it for Danielle Sass (killed by stones thrown at car on N2)

154.        Let’s do it for Daphne Mavis Higgins

155.        Let’s do it for Dawn Basdeo

156.        Let’s do it for Demisha Naik (23) stabbed to death by boyfriend in April 201

157.        Let’s do it for Denise Gawler

158.        Let’s do it for Denise Salem

159.        Let’s do it for Denushe Witbooi

160.        Let’s do it for Desiree Murugan

161.        Let’s do it for Delvina Europa (6) V raped and murdered in March 2019

162.        Let’s do it for Diane Sauls

163.        Let’s do it for Dianne Rose Ayres

164.        Let’s do it for Dimakatso Jane Ndarala

165.        Let’s do it for Doma C Peacock (Dr)

166.        Let’s do it for Dominique du Plooy

167.        Let’s do it for Dorned van der Haar

168.        Let’s do it for Dumisile Anasiudu Nxumalo  killed by taxi driver on her way home from a client

169.        Let’s do it for Dumiso Innocent Manzini (7) V went missing 8 Oct and body found 12 Oct         2020

170.        Let’s do it for Dylan Neethling (7) V

171.        Let’s do it for Edna Janse Van Vuuren

172.        Let’s do it for Edwina Bolosha (14) V killed by 26 year old boyfriend in Oct 2020

173.        Let’s do it for Edwina Hobbs

174.        Let’s do it for Edwina Thomas

175.        Let’s do it for Eileen Allister

176.        Let’s do it for Elaine Conradie

177.        Let’s do it for Elaine Venter

178.        Let’s do it for Ebenezer Ndebele (8) V - raped and murdered in Oct 2020

179.        Let’s do it for Elda Jaftha

180.        Let’s do it for the 85-year old woman found shot in her bed in the ECape

181.        Let’s do it for Eleanor Wyngaardt

182.        Let’s do it for Elizabeth Jacomina Dercksen

183.        Let’s do it for Elize Juries

184.        Let’s do it for Elize Meyer

185.        Let’s do it for Elizma Pietersen

186.        Let’s do it for Elmien Steyn

187.        Let’s do it for Elsje Wouda

188.        Let’s do it for Elzona May

189.        Let’s do it for Emaan Solomons killed in gang shootout in Oceanview (7) V 2020

190.        Let’s do it for Emihle Emza Manzima (16) V

191.        Let’s do it for Emma Wall

192.        Let’s do it for Emmerancia Anna-Marie Roman (19)

193.        Let’s do it for Emihle Emza Manzima (16) V

194.        Let’s do it for Emmy (stabbed to death at Kleinkrantz) V

195.        Let’s do it for Entle Komisa (4) V

196.        Let’s do it for Erika Croeser

197.        Let’s do it for Ernestine Muller Braaf

198.        Let’s do it for Ernestine Van Wyk

199.        Let’s do it for Esbie Koster

200.        Let’s do it for Esmeralda Isaacs

201.        Let’s do it for Esther Magwaza

202.        Let’s do it for Evangeline Brockman

203.        Let’s do it for Evelyn de Kock, 41 – stabbed to death on 14 June 2020

204.        Let’s do it for Evelyn Nkanyane  42 mother of 2 stabbed to death by her husband 25 July 2020

205.        Let’s do it for Eureka Human

206.        Let’s do it for Faith Qwelane

207.        Let’s do it for Faith Milwana, (10) raped and murdered - 14 Aug 2020 V

208.        Let’s do it for Fatiema Ebrahim

209.        Let’s do it for Fatima Patel (28) killed by husband 10 April 2015

210.        Let’s do it for Felicia Oktober

211.        Let’s do it for Femida Willies (33) murdered in June 2019

212.        Let’s do it for Fezikile Kuzwayo a.k.a Khwezi

213.        Let’s do it for Fezeka Jordan was brutally stabbed in her heart by her partner in Pinetown

214.        Let’s do it for the 15 year old girl from Welkom burned to death V

215.        16 year-old girl of Delmas murdered by uncle V

216.        Let’s do it for the 51 year old woman of Northern Cape raped and killed by son

217.        Let’s do it for the 52-year-old woman was shot dead by her partner on Saturday, 22 February 2020  on the R400 (Maropeng

218.        Let’s do it for the Four-year-old girl beaten to death with cellphone charger in Limpopo (4) V

219.        Let’s do it for the Four year old boy of Groblershoop murdered (4) V

220.        Let’s do it for the  4-year-old daughter of Soweto savagely beaten to death by her father  V

221.        Let’s do it for Katlego Phasha (9) killed by father along with 3 siblings and mother V

222.        Let’s do it for Joyce Phasha (7)  V

223.        Let’s do it for Tshepo Phasha (5) V

224.        Let’s do it for Adel Phasha (3) V

225.        Let’s do it for the 4 Phasha children’s mother bludgeoned to death by the 4 children’s father

226.        Let’s do it for the 15-month old baby killed by parents in Birchleigh V

227.        Let’s do it for the 15 year girl whose body was found hidden under a bed in Mpumalanga (15) V

228.        Let’s do it for the 14 year old girl raped and murdered in Soweto V

229.        Let’s do it for the 14 year old girl from Barrydale whose body was found on 18 July 2020 V

230.        Let’s do it for the 3 year old from Orange Farm whose body was found dumped 18 June 2020 V

231.        Let’s do it for the 58 year old unknown woman and her two grandsons

232.        year old V and

233.        14 year old  V whose bodies were found in a house in Protea Glen, Ext 24 on 24 Aug 2020

234.        Let’s do it for the unknown 21 year old  and

235.        her mother who was shot and killed by her boyfriend in Vosloorus in Aug 2020

236.        Let’s do it for the unknown 20 year old who raped and murdered in Dali Mpofu - Aug 2020

237.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman whose decapitated body was found in bushes along Baden Powell Drive in Strandfontein
                on 24 Aug 2020

238.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman whose body was found next to her crying baby on  24 Aug         2020 in Tembisa

239.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman in her mid 20’s whose naked body was found in a wheelie bin on a farm in Schaapkraal on
               25 August 2020

240.        Let’s do it for the unknown 28 year old Eastern Cape woman who was shot and killed inside a  police station by her husband
                (when she went and laid a DV case against him  - 7 Sep2020

241.        Let’s do it for Fiona Harvey

242.        Let’s do it for Frances Carter (65) stabbed to death allegedly by her 71 year old husband – 25  October 2020

243.        Let’s do it for Francis Hamwijk Cruywagen

244.        Let’s do it for Francionette Jantjies

245.        Let’s do it for Franziska Blöchliger V

246.        Let’s do it for Frieda Arendse

247.        Let’s do if for Fundiswa Mapukata (43) killed by her boyfriend in May 2020

248.        Let’s do it for Gabisile Shabane

249.        Let’s do it for Gabriela Alban

250.        Let’s do it for Gail Benting

251.        Let’s do it for Gail Stokell

252.        Let’s do it for Gail van As-Roberts (38) of Blue Downs beaten to death with bat by boyfriend

253.        Let’s do it for Genoveve Assegaai

254.        Let’s do it for Georgia Blume

255.        Let’s do it for Geraldine Vienna

256.        Let’s do it for Geraldine Blume

257.        Let’s do it for Gill Packham

258.        Let’s do it for Gina Van Der Merwe

259.        Let’s do it for Gio Arendse

260.        Gita Samgi (kidnapped and murdered in Witbank)

261.        Let’s do it for Gladys Hanna Makaleni

262.        Let’s do it for Glenda Samsodien

263.        Let’s do it for Gloria Manyako

264.        Let’s do it for Gomolemo Legae

265.        Let’s do it for Grace Mudau, 22 – found stabbed to death in her boyfriend’s kraal in Limpopo on 29 Aug 2020

266.        Let’s do it for the Grade 1 girl who beaten to death by her father (7) V

267.        Let’s do it for Granny Buyelwa Malila

268.        Let’s do it for Granny Buyelwa’s granddaughter, Asemahle Mtsorha V

269.        Let’s do it for Granny Buyelwa’s granddaughter, Athenkosi Zondi V

270.        Let’s do it for Gwen Rist

271.        Let’s do it for Gwen Wall

272.        Let’s do it for Hannah Cornelius (22) raped and murdered in May 2017

273.        Let’s do it for Hannsie Visser

274.        Let’s do it for Helen Fanaroukis

275.        Let’s do it for Helen Janse van Vuuren

276.        Let’s do it for Helen Lotter

277.        Let’s do it for Helga Van Wyk

278.        Let’s do it for Henriette Philips

279.        Let’s do it for Hester Koch

280.        Let’s do it for Hester Rawstorne

281.        Let’s do it for Hester Wessels

282.        Let’s do it for Hettie Bijkersma

283.        Let’s do it for Hettie Deacon (79) murdered alongside her daugher 10 Sep 2020 – by domestic and bf

284.        Let’s do it for Hettie Niehaus

285.        Let’s do it for Hettie Uys

286.        Let’s do it for Hilary van Rooyen

287.        Let’s do it for Hilda Uys

288.        Let’s do it for Hope Zinde

289.        Let’s do it for Hlengiwe Msimango, shot by partner twice in chest 3 Aug 2020

290.        Let’s do it for Hlengiwe Ndaba (35) body was found burnt beyond recognition in a burnt out bakkie riddled with bullet holes
                on 23 July 2020, she was 8-months pregnant as per the ortopsy

291.        Let’s do it for Hlengiwe Ndaba’s unborn baby V

292.        Let’s do it for Hlengiwe Vilakazi – murdered by husband on 22 Sep 2020

293.        Let’s do it for Ilse Barge

294.        Let’s do it for Immaculate Nthabiseng Rampai

295.        Let’s do it for Ina Van Der Berg

296.        Let’s do it for Inathi Mhlahlo (6) V raped and killed on 26 Oct 2020

297.        Let’s do it for Inge Lotz

298.        Let’s do it for Irene Matthews

299.        Let’s do it for Isabella Maria Henry

300.        Let’s do it for Issie Dippenaar

301.        Let’s do it for Ilze Schoombie

302.        Let’s do it for Itumeleng Julia Tsenase

303.        Let’s do it for Jacy-Lee Martin – teenager who saved a young girl from being stabbed 20 Mar 2020

304.        Let’s do it for Jade Burns

305.        Let’s do it for Jade Panayiotou

306.        Let’s do it for Jan Van Zyl

307.        Let’s do it for Jana Venter

308.        Let’s do it for Jandy Pestana

309.        Let’s do it for Jane Govindsamy

310.        Let’s do it for Jane’s daughter, Rackelle Govindsamy V

311.        Let’s do it for Jane’s daughter, Denisha Govindsamy V

312.        Let’s do it for Janet Delport

313.        Let’s do it for Janet Scott (54) killed by jockey boyfriend in Oct 2016

314.        Let’s do it for Janet Verity

315.        Let’s do it for Janika Mallo

316.        Let’s do it for Janine Arendse

317.        Let’s do it for Janine Drennen

318.        Let’s do it for Janine Philander

319.        Let’s do it for Jasmine Lee Pretorius

320.        Let’s do it for Jayde Govindasamy

321.        Let’s do it for Jayshree Singh 26 year old mom shot and killed by her fiancé 15 Aug 2020

322.        Let’s do it for Jean Mark

323.        Let’s do it for Jeanette Petersen

324.        Let’s do it for Jenny King

325.        Let’s do it for Jenorlee Barnies

326.        Let’s do it for Jeremiah Ruiters 18months old  raped and murdered by mom’s boyfriend 12 June 2017 V

327.        Let’s do it for Jesse Hess (19), raped and murdered alongside her grandfather in Aug 2019

328.        Let’s do it for Jessica Weyers (23) last seen Nov 1, 2020, body found days later on a sport field

329.        Let’s do it for Jessica Wheeler

330.        Let’s do it for Jill Fernandez

331.        Let’s do it for Joan Anderson

332.        Let’s do it for Joan Horn

333.        Let’s do it for Joan Mark

334.        Let’s do it for Jo-Anita Schulz

335.        Let’s do it for Jocelyn Classen (27)  shot dead in March 2020

336.        Let’s do it for Jocelyn’s unborn baby.

337.        Let’s do it for Jodene Pieters

338.        Let’s do it for Johanna Charlotte Beangstrom

339.        Let’s do it for Jocylin Jolly

340.        Let’s do it for Jodene Pieters

341.        Let’s do it for Joey van Niekerk who was raped and murdered in Dec 2017 along with her partner

342.        Anisha

343.        Let’s do it for Jolandre Tolli

344.        Let’s do it for Jopie Durieux

345.        Let’s do it for Joyce Baardman

346.        Let’s do it for Joyce Denise Irwin

347.        Let’s do it for Juanitia Willemse, 31  murdered with rope around her neck on 4 Sep 2020

348.        Let’s do it for Judith Redelinghuys of Upington

349.        Let’s do it for Julia Fairbanks-Smith

350.        Let’s do it for Juliette Dakada - 61 year old grandma, raped, beaten and stabbed to death 17 Jul 2020

351.        Let’s do it for June Nefdt

352.        Let’s do it for Kagiso Kale, 18 – stabbed to death by her boyfriend 2 September 2020

353.        Let’s do it for Kantse Mokgele (18) and her

354.        18 month old Son – Neo Mokgele – who’s burnt bodies were found in the veld 12 May 2020 V

355.        Let’s do it for Karabo Mokoena

356.        Let’s do it for Karen Horn

357.        Let’s do it for Karen Turner

358.        Let’s do it for Karien Bezuidenhout

359.        Let’s do it for Kathy Alexander

360.        Let’s do it for (Kathy) van Coppenhagen

361.        Let’s do it for Katrina Jagers

362.        Let’s do it for Kayde Williams

363.        143.Let’s do it for Kayla Meyer

364.        Let’s do it for Kayla Rawstorne

365.        Let’s do it for Kavitha Nerputh (41) strangled and body found in car  2020

366.        Let’s do it for Keelyn Amy Clayton

367.        Let’s do it for Keisha Kortjie

368.        Let’s do it for Kelly Bain, 26 year old Mom stabbed to death in Brymore on 25 July 2018

369.        Let’s do it for Kgaogelo Shai (20) went missing in Aug 2020 and found murdered 2 weeks later.

370.        Let’s do it for Kgaugelo Molefe

371.        Let’s do it for Kgaugelo Tshwae (28) burnt body found in her car Nov 2019

372.        Let’s do it for Kgothatso Pule (27)  body found in shallow grave in bf’s yard May 2020

373.        Let’s do it for Khanyisile Ntanga

374.        Let’s do it for Khulukazi Amanda Ndlovu (38) missing since May 2020, her remains were found in her burnt out car 3 May

375.        Let’s do it for Khumontle Mokgosi

376.        Let’s do it for Kia Fairhead

377.        Let’s do it for Kim Lemini

378.        Let’s do it for Kimeera Rajbunsi

379.        Let’s do it for the Kgatle sisters – 5 year old Mary V

380.        and 8 year old Anna V who was hanged by their father after an argument with the mother

381.        Let’s do it for the Soshanguve siblings, 11 year old Thabang V

382.        3 year old Amogelang V and

383.        2 year old Lebogang V  who were hanged by their dad and stepdad in 201

384.        Let’s do it for Kholofelo Morerwa, 27 (killed by boyfriend in Limpopo)

385.        Let’s do it for the Khumalo boy (11) poisoned by father near Brits (May 2020) V

386.        Let’s do it for the Khumalo boy (12) poisoned by father near Brits (May 2020) V

387.        Let’s do it for Kungawa Mazembi

388.        Let’s do it for Khulekani Shabalala shot by police officer in KZN (7 June 2020)

389.        Let’s do it for Kutlwano Masilo (22) shot  8 times for reporting rape in Ekurhuleni

390.        Let’s do it for Kwanele Fezile Zuma

391.        Let’s do it for Lauren Sleep

392.        Let’s do it for Laurencia Zinhle Mathebula (25)

393.        Laticia Jansen stabbed and raped in Elsburg (15) V

394.        Let’s do it for Leah Marchant

395.        Let’s do it for Leanor Lamber

396.        Let’s do it for Lebo Kwababa

397.        Let’s do it for Lebogang Lemola

398.        Let’s do it for Lee-Ann Gordon

399.        Let’s do it for Lee-Ann Palmarozza

400.        Let’s do it for Lee-Ann Schwartz

401.        Let’s do it for Lee-Ann’s sister, Sheree Schwartz V

402.        Let’s do it for Lee-Ann’s brother, Simeon Schwartz V

403.        Let’s do it for Leigh Matthews

404.        Let’s do it for Leighandre “Baby Lee” Jegels - 2020

405.        Let’s do it for Lekita Moore

406.        Let’s do it for Lerato Moloi

407.        Let’s do it for Les Olivier

408.        Let’s do it for Lesedi Mokgosi  25 raped and murdered on 29 June 2020

409.        Let’s do it for Leslie Van Zyl

410.        Let’s do it for Lesego Rabuthu

411.        Let’s do it for Lettie Deacon (55) murdered alongside her mother on 10 Sep 2020 by domestic and bf

412.        Let’s do it for Letty Wapad

413.        Let’s do it for Liam Nortjé (3) V

414.        Let’s do it for Liesel Van Der Linde

415.        Let’s do it for Liesl Bredenhann

416.        Let’s do it for Liesl Nel

417.        Let’s do it for Linda Matati (23) went missing at a party and body found a year later

418.        Let’s do it for Lindelwa Peni of East London stabbed to death by boyfriend

419.        Let’s do it for Lindiwe Mangxingaza

420.        Let’s do it for Lindokuhle Vukaphi (23) stabbed to death whilst 5 months pregnant

421.        Let’s do if for Lindokuhle’s unborn baby V

422.        Let’s do it for Lindokuhle Tiisetso Makwelo (7) V kidnapped and murdered – Oct 2020

423.        Let’s do it for Lindsay Boyd

424.        Let’s do it for Lithemba Jama

425.        Let’s do for it for Liyabona Mabishi (16) V

426.        Let’s do it for Lizelle Naude (50)

427.        Let’s do it for Lizelle’s son, Henco Naude (16) V

428.        Let’s do it for Lizelle’s mother-in-law,  Frederika Naude (73)

429.        Let’s do it for Lorraine O’Connell

430.        Let’s do it for Londi Shozi (23) shot to death in Durban

431.        Let’s do it for Lorraine Shepheard

432.        Let’s do it for Lorna Shibambu (21)

433.        Let’s do it for Louise de Waal

434.        Let’s do it for Lovemore Ncube raped and murdered (5) V

435.        Let’s do if for Lunamandla Sithonga (12) missing since 9 July 2020

436.        Let’s do it for Lurese Meyer V

437.        Let’s do it for Lurese Meyer’s brother, Luhann V

438.        Let’s do it for Luisa Cristiano

439.        Let’s do it for Lumka Payiya

440.        Let’s do it for Lumka Makasi (2) V

441.        Let’s do it for Lyn Rush

442.        Let’s do it for Lynette Volschenk

443.        Let’s do it for Lynne Hume

444.        Let’s do it for Lynne Johnson

445.        Let’s do it for Mabareki Carlifonia Molamodi – 8 years old, found murdered 27 July 2020 V

446.        Let’s do it for Magda Harington

447.        Let’s do it for Magdeline Mpana Mahlokwane

448.        Let’s do it for Makhozi Manyayiza

449.        Let’s do it for Makhosazana Ngcobo killed by husband

450.        Let’s do it for Makoena Mabusele-Leshabane (46) shot and killed execution style 10 Oct 2020, husband implicated

451.        Let’s do it for Mampho Olive Motsumi (killed by boyfriend)

452.        Let’s do it for Mandy Mesias

453.        Let’s do it for Mandy Mesias’s mom

454.        Let’s do it for Mandy Silva (37) killed by husband in 2015

455.        Let’s do it for Manene Cairns

456.        Let’s do it for Manuela Pietropaolo

457.        Let’s do it for Mapula Jaquiline Thekiso

458.        Let’s do it for Margaret De Goede

459.        Let’s do it for Maria Adamson

460.        Let’s do it for Maria Arangies

461.        Let’s do it for Marie Ostbo

462.        Let’s do it for Marian Bruwer

463.        Let’s do it for Marietjie Meyer

464.        Let’s do it for Marietjie Van Rheede

465.        Let’s do it for Marike De Klerk

466.        Let’s do it for Maritza van der Linde (43) stabbed to death by ex-husband in Joubertina

467.        Let’s do it for Marilyn Moses

468.        Let’s do it for Maritza van der Merwe

469.        Let’s do it for Marlene Coetzer

470.        Let’s do it for Marna Engelbrecht 17 years old murdered 26 May 2018

471.        Let’s do it for Marshay Louw

472.        Let’s do it for Marthella Steenkamp

473.        Let’s do it for Maryka Bezuidenhout Kleinhans

474.        Let’s do it for the Matidla child 1 V

475.        Let’s do it for the Matidla child 2  V

476.        Let’s do it for the Matidla child 3 V

477.        Let’s do it for the Matidla child 4  V

478.        Let’s do it for Matshidiso Ntaje’s 15-month-old toddler killed by father in Kagiso V

479.        Let’s do it for Matshidiso’s grandfather, Midah Mabane

480.        Let’s do it for Matshidiso’s grandmother, Renny Dikoebe

481.        Let’s do it for Maureen Abrahams

482.        Let’s do it for Maureen Lucas

483.        Let’s do it for Mbali Mkhize (6) V

484.        Let’s do it for Meghan Cremer 2019

485.        Let’s do it for Melanie Gobey

486.        Let’s do it for Melanie Naidoo

487.        Let’s do it for Melinda Lee Bam

488.        Let’s do it for Melissa Heinse

489.        Let’s do it for Melissa Peckham

490.        Let’s do it for Melissa Van Der Merwe

491.        Let’s do it for Mercia Kotzee

492.        Let’s do it for Merisa Maritz, 47 shot to death by father in Newton Park

493.        Let’s do it for Michaela Adriaanse

494.        Let’s do it for Michaela Booysen

495.        Let’s do it for Michaela Williams (12) V

496.        Let’s do it for Michelle Moloi (5) poisoned by father V

497.        Let’s do it for Michelle’s brother, Mikael Moloi (10) poisoned by father V

498.        Let’s do it for Michelle Nyumba

499.        Let’s do it for Michelle Raymond

500.        Let’s do it for Michelle Stephenson

501.        Let’s do it for Miemie Bergh

502.        Let’s do it for Minah Kinnear

503.        Let’s do it for Minenhle Mhlongo (4) found with stab wounds to the neck and stomach in a bush Sep 2020 V

504.        Let’s do it for Mirah Wilks (dr)

505.        Let’s do if for Mishay Pienaar (25) body found in shallow grave in Oct after going missing in Sep 2020

506.        Let’s do it for Mishka Petersen

507.        Let’s do it for Mitashja Lee

508.        Let’s do it for Moira Vermeulen

509.        Let’s do it for Mokete Kekana (4) beaten to death my mom’s boyfriend in Limpopo (4) V

510.        Let’s do it for Mosidi Kopanye , 33, who’s throat was slit by ex-boyfriend  25 May 2018

511.        Mpharwane Makumane (25) stabbed to death by father of her 5 children 23 Oct 2020

512.        Let’s do it for Mpho Kgorooyadira was found dead after kidnapped in Klerksdorp (15 months) V

513.        Let’s do it for Mpho Makondo (8) who’s body was found 19 Sep 2020 after he disappeared in Orange Farm, muthi murder
                suspected V

514.        Let’s do it for the Mpithimpithi woman(32) burned to death by her boyfriend in Seymour, EC

515.        Let’s do it for the Mpithimpithi woman’s 5 month old baby burned to death V

516.        Let’s do it for the Mpithimpithi  woman’s mother burned to death

517.        Let’s do it for the Mpithimpithi woman’s sister burned to death Mpithimpithi

518.        Let’s do it for Mahejeen Patel, killed by her son Rameez Patel after she confronted him for killing his wife Fatima Patel

519.        Let’s do it for Mrs Fok

520.        Let’s do it for Mrs Venter

521.        Let’s do it for Mthabo Florence Gcabo

522.        Let’s do it for Mundolene Vosloo

523.        Let’s do it for Muriel Adendorf (29, burned to death in Grabouw)

524.        Let’s do it for Mymie Fraser

525.        Let’s do it for Mzwandile Zitho (5 year old) found dead in tavern V Orange Farm Apr 2020

526.        Let’s do it for Nadia Strydom

527.        Let’s do it for Naledi Chaka

528.        Let’s do it for Naledi Phangindawo of Mossel bay (murdered by ex partner) 2020

529.        Let’s do it for Naledi Lethoba

530.        Let’s do it for Nadine Esterhuizen (18) killed by her girlfriend

531.        Let’s do it for Nandipha Phama

532.        Let’s do it for Nandeleni Zondo-Myeni

533.        Let’s do it for Naomi Barkhuizen

534.        Let’s do it for Nare Mphela

535.        Let’s do it for Natasha Mans

536.        Let’s do it for Natasha Conabeer (23)  went missing and later dumped in front of he home, died         f her injuries (2020)

537.        Let’s do it for Nathlia Pienaar

538.        Let’s do it for Ncomeka Tenyane, shot and killed by boyfriend 24 May 2020

539.        Let’s do it for Nelisiwe Dube, 23 year old woman whose decomposed body was found in a sugarcane field in KZN - 2020

540.        Let’s do it for the newborn baby strangled by mother in Durban V

541.        Let’s do it for Nicky Blume

542.        Let’s do it for Nicola Pienaar

543.        Let’s do it for Nicolene Kroese

544.        Let’s do it for Nikita Govindsamy

545.        Let’s do it for Nikita Lewis

546.        Let’s do it for Nkosiphile Nkambule  25 year old mother who succumbed to her wounds on 20 Aug 2020 after her boyfriend
                set their home alight on the 18th .

547.        Let’s do it for Noeline Koekemoer

548.        Let’s do it for Nokholekile Rangana

549.        Let’s do it for Nokubonga Msolwa

550.        Let’s do it for Noloyiso Gengqa, 35,  shot to death by ex-boyfriend at her school in Qunu Village 24 Aug 2020

551.        Let’s do it for Nolundi Dondolo (32) shot and killed by her daughter’s father – May 2020

552.        Let’s do it for Nolundi Vumsindo

553.        Let’s do it for Nomalizo Mjkeliso

554.        Let’s do it for Nompumelelo Nomcebo Basi

555.        Let’s do it for Nompumelelo Tshaka

556.        Let’s do it for Nomusa ‘Merry’ Myeni (51)

557.        Let’s do it for Nomvula "Juba" Buthelezi (20) raped and murdered by cousin & neighbour in KZN

558.        Let’s do it for Nomvuzo Atoll, 22 year old whose body was found in a rubbish container in Phillipi 20 Aug 2020

559.        Let’s do it for Nonhlahla Dolly Dlamini beaten to death by boyfriend (17) V

560.        Let’s do it for Nonhanla Mphahlele

561.        Let’s do it for Nontsikelelo Nzakayi

562.        Let’s do it for Noreen Hampson

563.        Let’s do it for Nontsikelelo Nzakayi

564.        Let’s do it for Nonzame Mahlabela (45) shot and killed by husband on 9 February 2016

565.        Let’s do it for Nosipho Gumede, 16 year old whose decomposed body was found in a sugarcane field in KZN -2020

566.        Let’s do it for Noxolo Xabeka

567.        Let’s do it for Nqabisa Makalathi Nolitha – stabbed to death on 18 Sep 2020

568.        Let’s do it for Ntsako Berlinah Mnisi (28)  shot and killed 12 May 2018

569.        Let’s do it for Nthabiseng Mafereka, 31 (raped and strangled in Sebokeng)

570.        Let’s do it for Ntombi Siphungu

571.        Let’s do it for Ntwanano Shisana (28) from Njhakanjhaka villgae killed by boyfriend (16 June 2020)

572.        Let’s do it for Ntuthuko Dlamini shot by police officer in KZN (7 June 2020)

573.        Let’s do it for Nwabiswa Mthumeni  abducted  7 September 2020 and body found later

574.        Let’s do it for Nwabisa Mtunzini

575.        Let’s do it for Odette Barkhuizen

576.        Let’s do it for Odette Boucher

577.        Let’s do it for 22 month old Orderick Lucas from Kleinvlei found murdered after being missing         V

578.        Let’s do it for the 1-year old girl drowned in a toilet by her mother and her boyfriend in Limpopo (1) V

579.        Let’s do it for Ounooi Badenhorst

580.        Let’s do it for Paballo Nkosazana Potloane (25) murdered by intruders 23 Dec 2019

581.        Let’s do it for Pamela Dawn Burns

582.        Let’s do it for Patricia Ellis

583.        Let’s do it for Patricia Raw Taylor

584.        Let’s do it for Patiswa Enhlisombi

585.        Let’s do it for Peddie Dodds

586.        Let’s do it for Penny Kay Cumming

587.        Let’s do it Petula Williams (30) of Bonteheuwel shot to death, pregnant with twins V V

588.        Let’s do it for Philisiwe Msomi shot by cop

589.        Let’s do it for Philisiwe’s sister Celiwe shot by cop together with 3 other family members

590.        Let’s do it for Phindile Portia Mahlangu

591.        Let’s do it for Phumla Mvinjelwa-Ntombela

592.        Let’s do it for Phumeza Pepeta 45year old shot and killed by her estranged husband at her dad’s         funeral 26 Jul 20

593.        Let’s do it for Poppie van der Merwe  V

594.        Let’s do it for Portia Michaels

595.        Let’s do it for Portia Ramakavhi

596.        Let’s do it for Precious Ramabulana

597.        Let’s do it for Pralenie Reddie

598.        Let’s do it for Premla Moodley (72)

599.        Let’s do it for Priscilla du Toit

600.        Let’s do it for Privilege Mabvongwe

601.        Let’s do it for Phumza Sikada (36) SANDF officer shot twice in February 2020

602.        Let’s do it for Pumla Ntombela

603.        Let’s do it for Pumla’s daughter, Nhlanhla Ntombela V

604.        Let’s do it for Pumla’s daughter, Bajabulile Ntombela  V

605.        Let’s do it for Pumza Wendy "Lettie"Skade found shot in the head at Motherwell

606.        Let’s do it for Rachel Dolly Tshabalala

607.        Let’s do it for Rachel Saunders

608.        Let’s do it for Rakeil Naidoo

609.        Let’s do it for Reagan Gertse (8) murdered by paroled family member in Ceres (8) V

610.        Let’s do it for Reeva Steenkamp, 29– shot and killed on 14 Feb 2013 by her boyfriend

611.        Let’s do it for Refilwe Masakala

612.        Let’s do it for Reinette Vorster

613.        Let’s do it for Rejoice Mdluli

614.        Let’s do it for Renate Kellerman

615.        Let’s do it for Rene Roman

616.        Let’s do it for Rene Slater

617.        Let’s do it for Rene Vermeulen

618.        Let’s do it for Rentia de Wet

619.        Let’s do it for Ria Oosthuizen

620.        Let’s do it for Riana Louw Du Toit

621.        Let’s do it for Rina Pringle

622.        Let’s do it for Robyn Pearce

623.        Let’s do it for Rochelle Fourie

624.        Let’s do it for Rosa Piel

625.        Let’s do it for Rosalie Bloch

626.        Let’s do it for Rose Foo

627.        Let’s do it for Rosemary Theron

628.        Let’s do it for Rowena Murray Brown

629.        Let’s do it for Roxanne Higham

630.        Let’s do it for Roxanne Thanthoni (stabbed to death by husband, KZN)

631.        Let’s do it for Rozel Botha

632.        Let’s do it for Rubeena Booley

633.        Let’s do it for Sadiqah Newman

634.        Let’s do it for Sakina Grimwood

635.        Let’s do it for Samantha May

636.        Let’s do it for Samiline Solomons

637.        Let’s do it for Sanelisiwe Mfaba stabbed to death by boyfriend in Dobsonville  12 June 2020

638.        Let’s do it for Sanelisiwe Mhlonga (4) went missing 23 Sep and body found 24 Sep 2020 with multiple stab wounds V

639.        Let’s do it for Sandi Jacobson

640.        Let’s do it for Sandisile Mona

641.        Let’s do it for Sandisiwe Mona

642.        Let’s do it for Sandra Forson

643.        Let’s do it for Sandra Malcolm

644.        Let’s do it for Sandy-Jae Fransman

645.        Let’s do it for Sandy Mc Dowell

646.        Let’s do it for Sanjay Borman – Gr 2 learner who went missing and body found 9 Oct 2020 V

647.        Let’s do it for Sarah Molewa

648.        Let’s do it for Schane Bowman (26) shot and killed by boyfriend

649.        Let’s do it for Sasha-leigh Crook

650.        Let’s do it for Sefora Tjobo  strangled and killed by her husband and his brother 4 July 202

651.        Let’s do it for siblings Sphesihle Mpungose V

652.        Let’s do it for Khwezi Mpungose V

653.        Let’s do it for Kuhlekonke Mpungose V

654.        Let’s do it for Sinethemba Ndlovu

655.        Let’s do it for 6 month old baby from Knysna V

656.        Let’s do it for 78 year old woman (Ms Davie) murdered by son (May 2020)

657.        Let’s do it for Shafieka Petersen

658.        Let’s do it for Shakira Jonkers (19) brutally murdered in Keimoes in Dec 2019

659.        Let’s do it for Shakira Links

660.        Let’s do it for Shakira van Staden

661.        Let’s do it for Shamonique Claasen

662.        Let’s do it for Shannon Roberts

663.        Let’s do it for Sharnelle Hough  16 years old murdered 26 May 2018

664.        Let’s do it for Sharon Potgieter

665.        Let’s do it for Sharon Schofield (35) shot 16 times by boyfriend in 2013

666.        Let’s do it for Shayleen Arendse

667.        Let’s do it for Sheila Marais

668.        Let’s do it for Sheila Margaret Stander

669.        Let’s do it for Shella Parker (Klaasen)

670.        Let’s do it for Shanice Jonathan, 26– brutally murdered and found on 7 Aug 2020

671.        Let’s do it for Shelly Van der Walt

672.        Let’s do it for Shongile Nkhwashu, 24

673.        Let’s do it for Siam Lee

674.        Let’s do it for Sibahle Mkhize (13)  Gr 8 learner, raped and stabbed to death – 13 July 2020 V

675.        Let’s do it for Sibongile Nkanyane (28)

676.        Let’s do it for  Sibongiseni Gabada (34)  brutally murdered cut into pieces and stuffed in a sports bag next to a shack on
               29 May 2020

677.        Let’s do it for Sibusiso Dakuse (12) of Hout Bay murdered by parolee (12) V

678.        Let’s do it for the Six-month-old baby girl from Knysna killed by her father

679.        Let’s do it for the 65-year-old woman of Johannesburg died after hijacking

680.        Let’s do it for Simni Mfengu

681.        Let’s do t for Simphiwe Mncina (6) who’s body was found 19 Sep 2020 after he disappeared in Orange Farm, muthi murder
                suspected V

682.        Let’s do it for Sinethemba Ngubo

683.        Let’s do it for Sinoxolo Mafevuka

684.        Let’s do it for Siphiwe Sibeko raped and killed near Soweto (14 years) V

685.        Let’s do it for Siyabonga Buthelezi (1) V

686.        Let’s do it for Sisanda Fani

687.        Let’s do it for Snothabo Dlamini, 25

688.        Let’s do it for Sonja Saayman

689.        Let’s do it for Sonja Swartz

690.        Let’s do it for Sphiwe Mtshweni (25)

691.        Let’s do it for Stacey Adams

692.        Let’s do it for Stacha Arendse

693.        Let’s do it for Stacy-Leigh Philander

694.        Let’s do it for Stefani Gouws

695.        Let’s do it for Stephne Evans

696.        Let’s do it for Sulnita Manho

697.        Let’s do it for Susan Abel

698.        Let’s do it for Susan Howarth

699.        Let’s do it for Susan Rhode

700.        Let’s do it for Susanna M.E. Nell (84) attacked and killed on farm in Fochville

701.        Let’s do it for Tabita Boto (36) allegedly shot by medical doctor husband in Port Elizabeth

702.        Let’s do it for Tamsin Garth-Davids

703.        Let’s do it for Tamsyn Verity

704.        Let’s do it for Tasliem Ambrose

705.        Let’s do it for Tatum Louw

706.        Let’s do it for Tazne van Wyk (8) of Elsiesrivier murdered by parolee (8)  V

707.        Let’s do it for Tebogo Ndlov

708.        Let’s do it for Tebogo Mphuti (35) shot and killed execution style alongside her business partner, 10 Oct 2020, business partner’s husband implicated

709.        Let’s do it for Tebogo Mabunda shot by husband near Stonehenge, Mbombela (May 2020)

710.        Let’s do it for Tercia Kindo

711.        Let’s do it for Tersia Coetzer

712.        Let’s do it for Thandeka Mdeliswa, 34, shot on Sep 3 and succumed to her injuries on 5 Sep 2020

713.        Let’s do it for Thandi Mathebula (39)

714.        Let’s do it for Thandi’s daughter, Sharon Mathebula (17) V

715.        Let’s do it for Thandiwe Mavanene

716.        Let’s do it for Thelma Shirley Koopman

717.        Let’s do it for Themba Nkumbi who was shot and killed while rescuing a young woman from 4 men Oct 2020

718.        Let’s do it for Thembisile Yende

719.        Let’s do it for 10 month old baby who died in taxi shootings V

720.        Let’s do it for the 15 year old girl who died in taxi shootings V

721.        Let’s do it for Teresa Rayners (24)

722.        Let’s do it for Theresa Van Breda

723.        Let’s do it for Tiyiselani Rikhotso dismembered body found in dam (11) V

724.        Let’s do it for Tracy-Lee Scott Crossley

725.        Let’s do it for Tshidi Mocheko, 27, a student at Lephalale TVET College

726.        Let’s do it for Tshegofatso Pule, who was stabbed, hanged from a tree while pregnant 4 June 20

727.        Let’s do it for Tshegofatso Pule’s unborn baby

728.        Let’s do it for the 12-year old boy killed by his father in Kuilsriver V

729.        Let’s do it for the unknown 12-year-old boy stabbed to death by his brother in Mokopane V

730.        Let’s do it for the unknown 3 year old girl beaten to death by her father in KZN V

731.        Let’s do it for the unknown young woman found burned in drain in Khayamandi, Stellenbosch

732.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman’s body found on M7 highway – shot

733.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman’s body found in lake in Bethelsdorp

734.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman found dead the Outeniqua pass in George

735.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman found dead in a salt pan near Port Elizabeth

736.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman found shot in Willovale

737.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman found dead in Dobsonville on 12th June 2020

738.        Let’s do it for the unknown baby found dumped in Chatsworth (June 2020) V

739.        Let’s do it for the unknown 45-year-old woman was found murdered at Makhuva village (May 2020)

740.        Let’s do it for the unknown 37-year-old mother found murdered near Sasolburg (May 2020)

741.        Let’s do it for the unknwon 37 year old mother’s son (2) near Sasolburg (May 2020)

742.        Let’s do it for the unknown 37 year old mother’s son (9) near Sasolburg (May 2020)

743.        Let’s do it for the unknown 9 year old boy shot by father near Lenasia (May2020) V

744.        Let’s do it for the unknown 10 year old girl shot by father near Lenasia (May 2020) V

745.        Let’s do it for the unknown 39 year old woman shot by husband in Nelspruit (May 2020)

746.        Let’s do it for the unknown 44 year old woman stabbed to death by husband in Kabokweni (May 2020)

747.        Let’s do it for the unknown 59 year old woman shot by her son in Kabokweni (May 2020)

748.        Let’s do it for the unknown 25 year old woman strangled by boyfriend in Vosman, Emalahleni (May ‘20)

749.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman shot by boyfriend in Katlehong (May 2020)

750.        Let’s do it for the unknown 42 year old woman killed by boyfriend in Eersterust, Tshwane  (June 2020)

751.        Let’s do it for the unknown 85 year old granny stabbed to death Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape (June ’20)

752.        Let’s do it for the unknown 25 year old woman found in a bag next to Golden Highway (15 June         2020)

753.        Let’s do it for unknown person in her 20’s whose decomposed body found in the same         sugarcane field in KZN – 2020

754.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman who’s charred body was found in the same sugar cane field in Aug 2020

755.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman found stabbed to death in a maize field in Benoni

756.        Let’s do it for the unknown 31 year old woman who’s body was found in a shallow grave in Ivory Park, she was reported
                missing on 7 June 2020

757.        Let’s do it for the unknown 7 year old found murdered in Rustenburg North West V

758.        Let’s do it for the unknown 12 year old brutally assaulted by her father for sleeping out and succumed to her injuries in July
                2020 – Mphumalanga V

759.        Let’s do it for the unknown 2 year old stabbed to death by father in Rustenburg V

760.        Let’s do it for the unknown 20-something woman found dead in a drain in Kwaggafontein

761.        Let’s do it for the unknown 32-year old woman stabbed to death in funeral parlour in Mpumalanga

762.        Let’s do it for the unknown 7-year old girl raped and stabbed in KwaZulu Natal V

763.        Let’s do it for the young Dros rape victim  V

764.        Let’s do it for the 2-month old baby, Nkanyiso of Pearl Mtshweni killed by father V

765.        Let’s do it for the unknown 4 year old boy V beheaded by his Uncle in the Eastern Cape 3 Sep 2020

766.        Let’s do it for the unknown  38 year old correctional services officer who was beaten to death by her husband in Aliwal North – August 2020

767.        Let’s do it for the unknown 14 year old Soweto girl found raped and murdered in April 2020

768.        Let’s do it for the unknown 20-year-old woman and her

769.        44-year-old mother stabbed to death in the Eastern Cape 30 Oct 2020

770.        Let’s do it for the unknown 25-year-old woman and her

771.        5-year-old Son killed in Ulundi in Nov 2020 – boyfriend implicated.

772.        Let’s do it for Uyathandwa Stuurman

773.        Let’s do it for Uyinene Mrwetyana killed by postal worker 24 Aug 2019

774.        Let’s do it for the unknown 17 year old Limpopo school girl stabbed to death 4 Sep 2020

775.        Let’s do it for the unknown 31 year old woman who’s body was found in a shallow grave in Ivory Park, Roodepan Kimberley –
                missing since June 2020 – boyfriend arrested.

776.        Let’s do it for the unknown 2 week old baby V killed and buried in shallow grave by mother March 2020

777.        Let’s do it for the unknown 2-year-old burnt to death by father  in LimpopoV

778.        Let’s do it for the unknown 4-year-old who went missing on 9 Oct 2020 and found same day in a box in the neighbourhood V

779.        Let’s do it for the unknown 2-year-old fatally stabbed to death during an argument between mother and boyfriend in 2019 V

780.        Let’s do it for the unknown 17 year old who’s naked  body was found in a street in Brown’s Farm Sep 2020 V

781.        Let’s do it for the unknown woman killed by her Cop boyfriend in July 2016 in Eastern Cape

782.        Let’s do it for Uzelda Slatter

783.        Let’s do it for Valencia Farmer V

784.        Let’s do it for Valentino Grootetjie (5)  V

785.        Let’s do it for Valerie Owies (38) of Lutzville stoned to death

786.        Let’s do it for Vanessa Barends

787.        Let’s do it for Veronica Thomas

788.        Let’s do it for Veronica Uitenbogaart

789.        Let’s do it for Versha Kandasmy

790.        Let’s do it for Verusha Padayachee

791.        Let’s do it for Vuyokazi Dzoyi, 33 (murdered by boyfriend in Langa)

792.        Let’s do it for Vuyokazi Mgolodela

793.        Let’s do it for Wanter Dlamini (62)

794.        Let’s do it for Vicky McLachlan

795.        Let’s do it for victims of paedophile Gert van Rooyen

796.        Let’s do it for Victoria Stadler

797.        Let’s do it for Viwe Dalingozi

798.        Let’s do it for Vuyokazi Poppie Jane Van Dyk

799.        Let’s do it for Willemiena Williams (19) body discovered on 2 November 2020, raped and found with fatal stab wounds, abdomen and torso slit open.

800.        Let’s do it for Wilma Van Tonder

801.        Let’s do it for Wilma Viljoen

802.        Let’s do it for Winnie Rust

803.        Let’s do it for Yadhana Jadoo

804.        Let’s do it for Yasmin Ibrahim (dr)

805.        Let’s do it for Yolanda Cupido

806.        Let’s do it for Yolanda Wessels

807.        Let’s do it for Yolandi Badenhorst

808.        Let’s do it for Yolizwa Sibiya

809.        Let’s do it for Zahnia Woodward

810.        Let’s do it for Zakiyyah Ahmedjan Ismail  26 year old pregnant mom of 2

811.        Let’s do it for Zakiyyah Ahmedjan Ismail’s unborn child V

812.        Let’s do it for Zalia Kwalie

813.        Let’s do it for Zama Chiliza 38 year old whose decomposed body was found in a sugarcane field in KZN -2020

814.        Let’s do it for Zameka Mfubusi (46) Shot and killed on her way home on Friday 18 Sep 2020

815.        Let’s do it for Zanele Biyo (15)  V

816.        Let’s do it for Zandile Sibisi, stabbed, runover and died becaus of it, by boyfriend in 2017

817.        Let’s do it for Zanele Dumela

818.        Let’s do it for Zanele Khumalo

819.        Let’s do it for Zarah-Jane Hector

820.        Let’s do it for Zaskia le Roux killed by gangs (13) V

821.        Let’s do it for Zaskia Davids (13) shot and killed alongside her father  - died 26 March 2020 V

822.        Let’s do it for Zelda van Niekerk

823.        Let’s do it for Zieglyn Fortuin

824.        Let’s do it for Zilandile Xulu

825.        Let’s do it for Zilandile’s unborn baby V

826.        Let’s do it for Zinhle Muthwa

827.        Let’s do it for Zinhle Sekgoapa (14),lesbian, kidnapped and found naked in a pit toilet 19 Sep 2020 V

828.        Let’s do it for Zinhle Shezi

829.        Let’s do it for Zurina Salie