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Customised Communication

MiVoice delivers customised communication channels that will enhance and revamp our way of communicating with our members and supporters, it provides a channel where we can easily share and receive information, whether in group or individual discussions. This gives our members, that's YOU and SA Women Fight Back instant access to information and improved responses.

Emergency Feature

Making SA Safer

Aiding in making South Africa a safer place for our women and children, MiVoice includes an emergency function that allows chatting with a group of people, including a SA Women Fight Back administrator, at the tap of a button. During an emergency you are placed in a secure chat room to discuss your emergency with specific people, whom we call Angels. 

You get 2 types of Angels in MiVoice, the first we call I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Angels and they are 5 people that YOU select during setup from your own contact list.

The second are our own Volunteer Angels.  Volunteer Angels are SA Women Fight Back members who are willing to help their sisters and has undergone a vetting process to ensure your safety.

When you have an emergency, you, your I.C.E. Angels, the 5 closest Volunteer Angels within a 20 km radius of you and our administrator are all in the secure chat room.  In this way you know someone is making sure your emergency gets attended to and is monitoring what is happening.  As our systems and capabilities grow, even more forms of assistance will become available to you.