Dr. Charlotte Tumi Felix-Faure 

Dr. Charlotte Tumi Felix-Faure (Art, fashion, business entrepreneur, Professor at Grenoble Université, France) ItuEspaceDesign Charlotte FELIX-FAURE is an experienced international sales, distribution, import/export professional, and entrepreneur. Her interest lies in working in an environment that aims at improving the quality of life of people. Recent projects involve supporting artisans and artists in the interior design and lifestyle markets through her company (iTU Espace Design) by marketing and distributing their products to top international retailers and galleries. Charlotte is also working with skilled artisans to develop unique products adapted to specific markets and retailers to maximize value for all stakeholders. She welcomes any new collaborations, partnerships or projects as well as consulting and project management opportunities. Skills acquired through various experiences and projects: -Project management -Business development -international sales & distribution -Lecturing -Marketing -Sales Negotiation -Events, trade-shows, and exhibitions planning and execution -Customer service -Supplier management -Consulting and coaching -Promotion and agent services

(Art, fashion, business entrepreneur, Professor at Grenoble Université, France)                                                                    

Website: itu-espacedesign.com

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Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an award-winning activist, radio journalist, media commentator, arts education manager, and mediation practitioner, who is qualified as an attorney. She enjoys public speaking, facilitating events, writing and poetry, and experimenting with her creative skills in art and design. She is passionate about the rights of our homeless. Shabnam Palesa is a survivor of childhood abuse and gender-based violence, which she overcame by speaking out, and by empowering victims, thus helping to change lives.

She is also the founder of Womandla!, a vibrant collection of women's writing. Womandla hosts the Raised Fist Awards, for women who make our country and world a better place. She believes "When women speak, mountains move. When women write, oceans move. When women unite, worlds are transformed. That is Womandla - Women Power!" 

​E-mail: WomandlaSA@gmail.com

Chloe D Timothy, PCC, NBC-HWC

Dr. Chloe Timothy is an Executive Coach based out of New York City. She was born in South Africa during apartheid and identifies as an Indian woman from Durban. She became the first woman in her country to graduate with a degree in Jazz Studies under the direction of Darius Brubeck. Chloe holds a doctorate in Counseling and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Chloe also holds a Positive Psychology & Well Being certification and is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

In April 2018, Chloe released an original album of meditation music, Meditation Elasticity. Using music elements like improvisation and dissonance to create delayed gratification, gives one a sense of resolve or satisfaction. It is a brain-based methodology to grow or reshape our brains through neuroplasticity.

In December 2019, she published her first book Memoirs of a Counselor. It's a story about a South African Indian woman who overcame complex adversities that have continued to disrupt and corrupt our societies for centuries. In a fascinating way, Chloe stumbled on an unusual intervention using the power of imagination to pull her through and out of intense trauma and abuse. Today she is a survivor with a realistically positive attitude and a voice of hope and healing for victims who have experienced violence and abuse.


Venetia Orgill 

Community leader,  Iron lady of note!     

Venetia Orgill is a community activist and the founder of Discover Your Power, a non-profit organisation (NPO) that aims to fight drug and alcohol abuse in communities. The mother of five is doing her part to raise awareness. 

Veronique Jephtas (Poet) 

Activist. writer. poet. director. actress.     

Veronique Bee Jephtas is a Theatre maker, poet, and writer from Paarl. You'll know this poetess for her powerful and emotive piece called Dear Mr. President.

Leilani Kuter  

Survivor ........A long walk to Freedom from Fear!!     

Born to an Afrikaans family in one of South Africa’s many disadvantaged communities, she calls herself a proud 'Danville Diva'. Her life has been a true testimony to her motto: It’s not about where you came from but where you’re going. From humble beginnings and uncertain destinations, she have always had the courage and vision to fulfill her dream and become the woman she knew she could be.  


Leilani is an Activist for Rape Survivors. By walking, she gives a voice to the voiceless. Through her NPC Yellow For Survivors she strives to raise funds for organizations helping rape survivors or victims of Gender-Based Violence. Yellow For Survivors offers self-defense classes. They also offer counseling. Yellow For Survivors took hands with Never Tap Out Click Here and The Head Room to make this possible.


Leilani is also the proud owner of Date Night SA Click Here. DNI is SA’s largest dating ideas platform for couples and families who are looking for ideas to help them reconnect and make the most of their downtime.


Leilani believes survivors deserve a happy life.

One step at a time.

Yellow For Survivors

Deirdre Wolhuter 

Deirdre Wolhuter is best recognized as the matriarch of the Welman family, Mariaan Welman, in SABC 2’s daily Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan. She has worked extensively in theatre, television, film, and radio. She spent many years as a news anchor for Good Hope FM and has performed in over a hundred radio dramas, serials, and poetry programmes on RSG and SAFM.

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Performers’ Diploma in Speech & Drama, Deirdre has a vast array of theatre productions under the belt, including Shakespeare productions of Macbeth; The Two Gentlemen of Verona; King Lear; A Midsummer Night’s Dream and she has twice played Gertrude in Hamlet. She received a Kyknet Fiesta Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Charles Fourie’s Agterplaas and her most recent theatre production, Ella’s Horses received an Audience Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival. She has played leading roles in a number of television and film productions such as Meeulanders; Soutmansland; Backstage; Deeltitel Dames; Khululekha;    Orion; League of Glory, Vloeksteen and Deon Opperman’s Fluiters. Her most recent films are Jimmy in Pienk; the Dutch mini-series and movie Hoe Duur Was De Suiker; Unfriend; Hollywood in my Huis; Vir Altyd, The Killing Floor, and ‘n Paw-Paw Vir My Darling. Deirdre has done extensive work with the South African Police force, volunteering as a trauma counselor. She is of the view that the scourge of violence against women and children cannot be condoned and hopes to work alongside the communities who continue to challenge and fight for a safer South Africa for all women and children.   

Marcus Muller   

Marcus Muller is a familiar face to South African television screens who plays the role of lawyer, André Vosloo in 7de Laan. Following his reign as former Mr. South Africa, he went on to play the role of legal advisor Liam de Lange in Egoli from 2007 to 2010. He has also appeared in Villa Rosa and Skeem Saam. He is a seasoned actor and writer, appearing in various short films such as Die Muse, Mossie Mignon van Wyk, O vet, 70x70, movies of which one, Kampterrein die Movie, which he wrote and co-produced. “I’ve been raised in a home where I was taught that a man never raises his hands to a woman,” says Marcus. He joins the fight against gender-based violence in hopes to influence change through action and not just lip-service.      

André Lötter 

André Lotter is one of South Africa’s most loved soapie actors and has been featured in various television, film, and theatre productions. He now plays the character of Rickus Welman, in SABC 2’s Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan. André has cemented himself as a solid actor in the television and theatre scene. His television work includes featuring in Paris Paris, Sterlopers and Binnelanders. His sociopathic role as Liam Le Roux in Villa Rosa earned him a Royalty Soapie Award for Best Villain. In theatre, André has had performances in musicals and plays at respected theatres, such as The Mark Theatre, Artscape, The Baxter and State Theatre. He has featured as one of the " military monkeys" in the music film, As You Sing and starred in the Romantic Drama, Actually Quite a Lot, released in 2016. He studied N.Dip Drama at Tshwane University of Technology, where he played in a series of theatre plays which also made the rounds to various festivals like Grahamstown National Arts Festival, Aardklop, KKNK, NAF, Innibos, and Vryfees, where he performed prominent productions such as Agent Snoet and the Dog Life, Vettie Vettie, Somewhere on the Border and Waterman. André is a firm believer in living a morally correct life and therefore the plight to stop Gender-based violence is something he is deeply passionate about lending his voice to and advocating for. 

Elaine Pypers 

(Daily Maverick/Journalist)               

Elaine Pypers is an ambassador for SA Women Fight Back, an anti-GBV and femicide non-profit company. She works at Democracy Works Foundation where she focuses on youth civic education and leadership, as well as capacity building within community-based organisations for active public participation. Previous roles include work at the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference. She has a master’s of administration in political studies (University of the Western Cape) where her thesis was ‘The State Capture of Independent Institutions: an analysis of the National Prosecuting Authority, 1998-2017’.    

Monique Muller


Monique Muller is a model, businesswoman, influencer, entrepreneur, and GBV warrior activist from South Africa. 

Amy Tjasink


Amy is a singer hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.

Zama Mkhize

Zama, a slam poet, wrote a poem in honour of what

women face in the world we live in. Dear Zama

Tariro Nyamayaro 

Tariro Nyamayaro performed a poem to honour the lateAsithandile “Kwasa” Zozo Lugalo she did not expect it to go viral. Her poem, Auditioning For My Funeral, addresses gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa. Nyamayaro is an 18-year-old matric pupil taking her Cambridge A-Levels at Alma Mater International School in Johannesburg. 

Auditioning for my Funeral

Martina Monti 

Martina Monti, is a Cape Town based photographer and cinematographer. Her passion for cameras began when her parents gifted her with her first camera. A few years later, she had the chance to also explore cinematography as a medium.

'I Wont Be Next' is a documentary created to tell the stories of a group of survivors, coming from different cities all over South Africa. This project is a testimony to the existence and fight against gender-based violence, a problem that affects the entire world. The documentary is however also about hope, strength, and self-forgiveness. All of the amazing women featured have managed to overcome the fear and share their stories with the world.