SA Women Fight Back offer you the new and unique Vault..

With real FIGHT BACK potential

With this highly secured, password protected vault SAWFB are providing our Mighty, Winged and Champion warriors the option to safely store all critical documents, photographs and journal entries that are of value to them.

You can then also choose to let someone know that your personal vault exists.  No information about the content of the vault is disclosed with this notification.

The reason for sharing the knowledge that the vault exists could be to deter a potential abuser, or to ensure safety of important information in the hopefully unlikely event of your death or debilitating injury.

This CAN be a powerful tool in the prevention of domestic abuse as it is a way to break the silence, with a documented history of proof.  It is also important to note that it will be up to a court to decide whether the contents of your vault will be admissible in court. SA Women Fight Back have no sway or authority over this decision.

The information in the vault will not and cannot be seen by anyone unless the executive of SA Women Fight Back are ordered to do so by a court order or as part of an ongoing police investigation through a legal search warrant. YOU and you alone will have the password for access.

As a user of the SAWFB Vault with Fight Back Potential you will be asked to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that you are aware that it is a legal offense to make any false allegation of criminal wrongdoing. 

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