When yet another South African women was abducted raped and killed, Bronwyn  Litkie started the journey of founding  SA Women Fight Back. The brutal news of the innocent spilling of blood that had once again turned our country bright red, led Bronwyn on the 8th August 2019 to start a Facebook group to protest the injustice of Gender Based Violence.  This group went viral and thousands of women started making their voices heard.

Fallen Angels like Meghan Cremer, Jesse Hesse and Uyinene Mrwetyana will forever unite us all.

Soon Bronwyn’s dream began taking shape and in just a few short months, Bronwyn and her dedicated team have worked hard to transform this group to a fully fledged NPC.

Bronwyn has no special qualification or title when it comes to GBV, what she has is passion.  Her continued call for equality and safety for the women and children of South Africa has been the  drive to start this revolution. She hopes to inspire a country through her actions. We salute you Bronwyn, may your dream become our reality!


Marietha's passion for people and justice has been the driving force behind her impressive CV. An active advocate for Gender Equality, Marietha's had various extensive appointments globally in political and humanitarian affairs during her 30 year career span. During her last appointment as head of political affairs in war-torn Eastern Congo at the United Nations, she worked closely with Nobel Laureate, Dr Denis Mukwege fighting the use of rape as a weapon of war.   Read Marietha's Bio here.

We know for sure that we at SA Women Fight Back are ever grateful for the immense expertise, knowledge and guidance that Marietha offers.

Hazel brings to the table much more than just her compassion and global perspective of the GBV pandemic. Hazel had extensive global professional appointments in gender and child protection roles. She currently is director heading up the United Nations  office in Malakal, South Sudan, fighting for the safety and rights of all human lives in this war-torn area. Prior to this position she was head of the Child Protection Unit and the Protection of Civilians in Sudan. Read Hazel's  Bio here

Her insight and knowledge is gold to the women of SAWFB.